A world product for the world market: The Potato

They grow high in the Andes. Plants with a floury root, similar to truffles and very tasty. ‘They make a delicious dish, even for the Spanish’. Words written by chronicler Diego de Almagro during a violent expedition to Peru around 1536.

History and characteristics

The conquistadors introduced the potato to Europe. The crop was only grown on a small scale from the beginning of the 18th century. It was not very popular and long considered food for the poor. In Holland, for the first time in Friesland, the potato got recognized as aliment. Gradually, the potato acquired a role as popular food and by the 18th century the potato was cultivated throughout all of Europe. Thanks to breeding techniques and improved cultivation methods the potato has developed into a versatile and valued nutritional source.


Leading exportcountry

There are currently some 250 varieties grown in Holland, of which about 160 varieties are exported as seed potatoes. Holland has evolved into a leading exporter in this sector, supplying customers worldwide. The Netherlands thanks its prominent position in potatoes to its favourable geographic situation and weather, advanced inspection services and obligatory quality inspections.




The delivery of seed potatoes usually commences about the beginning of October and continues until the end of May, at most the beginning of June. During this period De Nijs supplies a wide range of own and free varieties to partners at home and abroad. Of course, we consider the pursuit of a high-quality product as our main starting point, a mindset which unquestionably is the main pillar of the sustainable relationship we have built and want to continue building in the world of potatoes!

According to the most recent standards, seed potatoes are divided in sizes 28-35 mm, 35-55/35-60 mm and 55-60. If desired, we are also able to make changes to this division of sizes. The delivery of the potatoes takes place after they have been packed in bags containing 10, 25 or 50 kilo, made out of both jute as polyethylene. Depending on the customers wishes, these bags can be offered with or without a logo; furthermore, it is possible to pack the potatoes in bags supplied by our customer. Finally, we offer delivery in big bags (1000 or 1250 kg) or bulk.