Frozen French fries

Frozen French fries

Globally most famous and also most consumed potato product undoubtedly must be French fries. Being a company active  in trade of potatoes, we consider it mere logic to dispose of French fries in our product range as well. We offer the frozen French fries, cut from high-quality potatoes that guarantee an perfect starting point for a tasty final product, delivered in straight cut, crinkle cut and steak cut, usually in all current sizes.

The fries are delivered in carton boxes, containing 4 x 2,5 kg, 5 x 2,5 kg and 10 x 1 kg, mainly depending on preferences concerning the type of French fries. Provided that the fries are stored at -18 c, they possess a tenability of 18-24 months. Transport of the French fries exclusively takes place after the product has been loaded in 40ft HC reefer containers.


Frozen French fries

Straight cut, crinkle cut and steak cut

All current sizes

Plastic in carton boxes (4 x 2,5 kg, 5 x 2,5 kg and 10 x 1 kg)

40ft HC reefer container