Cabbages, in the broadest sense, have been cultivated since very early times. They are derived from a wild form native to central and western Europe, and western Asia. Today, because of selections started many centuries ago, the cultivated forms differ greatly, not only from the original type, but also from one another. Among many others, some varieties are black cabbage, red cabbage, oxheart cabbage, brussel sprouts, Savoy cabbage, white cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower and broccoli.

Cabbages have been used by man since prehistoric times when he was still living on herbs and wild plants, and hat not yet learned the art of cultivation. Later the use of the cabbage became confined to Europe, where the ancient Germans made great use of the cabbage. The varieties of greatest economic and commercial importance today are the Savoy, the white cabbage and cauliflower.

From a dietary viewpoint cabbage, like many plants of the mustard family, are highly recommended, especially during winter, either raw or cooked. Raw cabbage has a high vitamin content, especially of vitamin C. Cooked cabbage is low in fat, medium-low in protein and because of its high content of cellulose fibers, effective as roughage in stimulating the intestines. Cabbages usually also cost less than most other vegetables.

Cabbage varieties mostly sold by De Nijs are red and white cabbage. Other varieties, such as oxheart cabbage, are also part of our range of cabbage varieties. Normally the cabbage is packed in green (white cabbage) and purple (red cabbage) mesh bags. If requested, this mesh bags are also available in other sizes, colors and versions. Furthermore it is possible to provide them with brand and/or label. Once packed in the mentioned bags (polyethylene), the bags are gathered in carton outer boxes, in which they can be loosely packed as well. Weights of the cabbage are in between 1-3,5 kg en is officially classified in 9/10 (pieces per 25 kg), 12/13 (pieces per 25 kg) and 18/25 (pieces per 25 kg).



Mainly red and white. Other varieties on request.

–    1-3,5 kg
o 9/10 (pieces per 25 kg)
o 12/13 (pieces per 25 kg)
o 18/25 (pieces per 25 kg)

– Green (white cabbage) and purple (red cabbage) mesh bags
– Other packing on request

Depending on volume and destination. Both conventional as by container.