Onion sets

Onion sets

There are various ways of cultivating the onion. Onions may be grown from directly sown seed but from small sets (small bulbs) as well. Onion sets consist of the small onions (8-21 mm) grown from the first year of cultivation. One of the most popular varieties for growing from sets is the Stuttgarter. The seed thickly sown in summertime is harvested in autumn and again planted until spring off the following year. Thanks to this ‘lead in growth’, they possess a trait of earliness, both in planting as in harvesting; therefore they are a more than attractive proposition for those who buy and sell onions. They can be planted early and normally produce a quick and reliable harvest of big onions suitable for consumption.

We are supplier of onion sets of all current varieties in size range 8 – 21 mm. Varieties most familiar to us are Stuttgarter, Sturon, Karmen and Red Baron, packed in 5 to 25 kg. Here too it needs to be said that to be flexible, both in package as in variety, in order to satisfy the customer is our main purpose.


Onion sets

Stuttgarter, Sturon, Karmen and Red Baron. Other varieties on request.
Sizes (mm)
– 8-21 mm

– 10, 15, 20, 25 or 50 kg jute or polyethylene bags (with or without logo)
– Different branded bags
– In big
– Bulk

Depending on volume and destination. Both conventional as by container.