Knowledge and flexibility

Besides years of experience and the specialism in cultivation, sale and delivery of potatoes that comes with this experience, De Nijs has also gained expertise when it comes to the table potato and its delivery at home and abroad.

Depending on the color of skin and meat, form, size and culinary characteristics and the customers preferences regarding these criteria, table potato – market demands a wide range of varieties which we are able to offer. Thanks to our direct relationship with cultivators throughout all of Holland, we can continually deliver on a excellent price/quality ratio. The ongoing contact with our suppliers enables us to be flexible in our business with our (new) and dedicated customers.

Packing and delivery

Availability of table potatoes is practically all year round; however, it must be noted that the offer is less solid and not guaranteed during the summer months. Nevertheless, we guarantee to do our best to have an ongoing availability throughout the entire year!

Alongside our own varieties we also offer all main free varieties; hence we can always provide you with a variety fitting the market you’re active in. Besides this possibility to (globally) offer a wide range of varieties, we also supply all sizes in the package you prefer: from bulk and big bag to polyethylene and jute bags of 10, 25 and 50 kg.


Table potato

Constant offer fitting customers preference

Sizes (mm)
– 45/+
– 55/+
– 60/+
– Other grading on request

– Jute or polyethylene bags containing 10, 25 or 50 kg (with or without logo, possibly own bags)
– In big bags (1000-1250 kg)
– Bulk

Depending on volume and destination. Both conventional as by container.