One of the products that have priority in our pursuit of a bigger assortment and trading volume is the onion, both for consumption as onion sets. The onion is a bulbous plant closely related to garlic and leek which has, perhaps even more than garlic, a starring role in the kitchen far beyond the borders of Holland. The onion is a rather divers product and represents, depending on color, origin, size and harvest period a wide range of varieties. Current varieties are scallion, spring onion, shallot, red onion and pickled onion.

Among other uses, the onion is being used for flavoring soups, sauces, salads and meat dishes. When it comes to cultivation, as with varieties, different classes are to be distinguished. For cultivating onion, possible means are 1st and 2nd year onion sets, both with their own characteristics and specifications.

Onion for consumption

Just as our offer in and delivery of seed/table potato, we always make the maximum effort to keep the availability of onion consistent and up to date. To do so, of course we consider the customers wishes as indispensable. Tell us what your request is for and we’ll get to work on it immediately!

Package and delivery

We can offer yellow, red and white onion in any size and package you request. De Nijs is specialized in sizes 40/60, 45/65, 50/70 in 25 kg polyethylene bags; however, we do also supply this sizes and 35/50, 60/80 and 75/105 in polyethylene of different volumes, delivered bulk or in big bags and in different branded bags.


Onion for consumption

Yellow, red and white onion

Sizes (mm)
– 40/60
– 45/65
– 50/70
– 35/50, 60/80, 75/105 and other sorting on request

– 10, 15, 20, 25 or 50 kg jute or polyethylene bags (with or without logo)
– Different branded bags
– In big
– Bulk

Depending on volume and destination. Both conventional as by container.